I’m Back!

ricland Finally settled here in Nashville. You'll recall, I was making a tour of the South when I discovered what a great place Nashville is. Since then I've done all the things (twisted all the arms) I needed to do to get to stay here for a while. Mission Accomplished — I'm now writing from my cool 2 bedroom apartment. Spent $2000 to get everything I needed, including used furniture from the local Salvation Army Thrift. Phone goes on next week. I'm ready as schoolboy with a pocketful of condoms.

Anybody see Condi Rice on "Meet the Press" this morning? She's still looking good in my opinon. One question, though: when does it all come apart? When does she start looking like an old woman? I remember when it happened to Cher. There she was running around half-naked and then WHAM! she turned into an old hag just like that.

Of course in the old days it didn't matter. Your hubby would stay married to you "till death do ye part." No more. And why should he? I mean, once the kids are out of the nest, why on earth would any red-blooded male want to stay married to the woman he married 30 years earlier?

Why …?

Speaking of romance and Condi — who in the hell is this woman plowing with? Who is the guy? What's his ethnic background? What's his job? Oh, yeah, she's kicking boots with somebody. WAIT! I just had a terrible thought? Maybe Condi is GAY!!!

Oh, my God! It never occurred to me before, but now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense.

It would have to be a woman, right? No guy could be that cool, that controllable. The moment they had an argument, there he'd go shopping the tabloids for a six-figure check to blab it all. Also, Condi has never been linked to anyone — ANYONE!

So Condi Rice is a lesbo…

Who'd have thunk …


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